reggio emilia inspired


LeClare Preschool is purpose-built, designed in collaboration between architects, consultants, landscape artists and early childhood professionals with a commitment to functionality and aesthetics. Our Reggio Emilia-inspired spaces upholds the environment as the third and natural teacher and are curated by our educators to be warm and inviting. Learning corners are interactive spaces where children can create and construct their own learning. Materials are selected with an understanding of the impact they have on the children’s engagement, interests that include high quality toys, natural materials; such as wood, clay and plants, as well as many second hand and repurposed items.

As children of the digital age, we believe in acknowledging and educating our Sprouters to use technology appropriately and to their benefit. As a supporting tool, technology allows us to explore new concepts and alternative perspectives.

curated spaces


Outdoor Adventure 

 LeClare values the importance of outdoors to a child’s development. LeClare has one of the largest and most elaborate ground level outdoor play, incorporating a commercial playground from Netherland, toddler’s playgrounds, Cycling Arena, as well as Pool Play and Messy Play areas. 







Art Atelier

The Atelier is designed to be a multi-sensorial space that invites interactions by engaging the mind, hands, imagination and senses. Within it, children will learn new skills through which we develop an appreciation for art.

The space allows children to explore and combine many types of materials, tools and techniques. The materials offered are vehicles for expressing and communicating and are part of the fabric of children’s experiences and learning processes rather than as separate products.

Besides easel drawing and pottery, this is also where we have messy play when we encourage children to freely express themselves through paint, brushes and random materials, allowing them to release intense feelings such as stress and anger or simply to have a pleasurable experience.

 At LeClare, the recycled objects are valued at our atelier. These recycled objects allow children to see creative potentials in the everyday discarded materials. The focus is on giving value to discarded materials, imperfect products, and seemingly worthless objects in order to reinvent their use and provide new opportunities for creativity and communication.


Music STudio

The Studio is a dedicated and safe space for children to be expressively free and explore their world through music and movement. It offers a wide range of instruments from all over the world, allowing children to experience a different time and place, and learn about culture.

Through music and movement, we develop the whole child – the desire for language, the body’s urge to move, the brain’s attention to patterns, the ear’s lead in initiating communication, the voice’s response to sounds, as well as hand-eye coordination when playing instruments.

Every child has boundless potential in interpreting and creating beauty. Our in-house full time music specialist desires to help them discover their skills and abilities, in the form that she is most familiar with – music, emphasizing on the individual expression of “musical intelligence”.


Kinder kitchen

LeClare encourages children to be critical learners through Inquiry, as well as creative and confident individuals through the Arts. Inquiry allows children to explore a range of topics that allow them to make sense of their world, explore global issues that affect them and deepen their understanding of complex theories.

Specialty programmes such as Culinary Arts, Messy Play, Pool Play, Story Alive, and Outdoor Experiential Learning provide valuable experiences that interlink play with developing essential life skills.

Our bilingual programme ensures exposure to the Mandarin language from a young age, learning it organically and progressively.

Observation is a key tool to assist our planning and assessment, embracing opportunities to document each child’s learning and challenge them to develop a thirst for learning.