Babies (2months – 17months)

LeClare values the importance of relationships and builds on respectful interactions between infants/toddlers and educators. Through meaningful play-based experiences, little ones begin to make sense of the world they live in and more importantly, their sense of self.

We recognize that every infant’s needs are different; With dedicated spaces for sleeping, relaxing, play and exploration, LeClare caters to flexible routines for babies under 12 months.

Through gentle play and safe exploration, we activate all their senses to develop a healthy, happy toddler; Stimulating the development of young minds without being overwhelming.

Toddler schema identification—patterns of repeatable behavior—is used as a tool to extend and develop children’s thinking. 

Why Us?

LeClare has specially designed rooms and corners for the infants and toddlers.  Our low educator to child ratio of 1:3 ensures that each child is cared for and curriculum tailored to.

Get in Touch With LeClare

LeClare Preschool

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