And Orientation: What happens on the first few days  

Admission Priority

Admission into LeClare Preschool is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability and the priority listed below :

1: Siblings of Preschooler

2: LeClare Babies Promotion

3. Ex-LeClare Children

4: LeClare Waiting List Children

5: Walk-ins


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Orientation Information

For many families, a child’s entry into a childcare centre will be the ‘first experience’ of being separated from their families. It is very normal for both families and children to experience some anxiety during this time. The orientation process will enable families and educator to work closely together to build secure relationships, which are necessary for the families’ successful induction into the centre. Even if your child has been in care before, both children and families will still need time to adjust to the new environment and get to know the educators and the programme. The length of time taken for children to transition into their class will vary from child to child; but our experience has taught us that orientation is vital to your child’s and your family’s positive experience. As a general rule, we offer the below steps as a guide to orientation, however, we will be flexible with more time should your child be finding the process difficult. 

 Take the time to settle your child in, and reap the benefits!

Important: Please ensure that you are readily contactable and able to fetch your child, if necessary, throughout the orientation process.


Revised procedures due to COVID-19

Day 1

Parents should stay for the day and be present at the Parent’s lounge or in the vicinity.

If your child is on a full-day programme, try have them drink their naptime milk in their classroom/on their cot. Do not force them to have a sleep if they are not comfortable. We usually suggest easing them into the long day at school by having a reduced day – going home either after their milk / nap.

Day 2

It is preferable that parents stay close to the centre. Encourage the child to engage in play with the other children, join in activities and explore confidently. Be explicit with them – tell them which teacher is going to be staying with them/putting them to nap.

Day 3

Parents are encouraged to have a quick drop off (but say a proper goodbye!) although they should stay close to the centre, just in case!

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