An Overwhelming Gratitude

We are thankful for the patient and understanding Family that we have at LeClare. The Team had to adapt rapidly to the evolving COVID-19 situation. We spent many late nights, putting together guidelines and making physical adjustments to our LeClare spaces as regulatory authorities sent out advisories that needed to be implemented immediately. In our transition to Home-Based Learning, we overcame many challenges — philosophically, emotionally, mentally, and let’s not forget, technologically as well. We would not have been able to do it all without you parents, who have so bravely stepped up to the teaching plate. Thank you.

A Rosy Hue of Hope 

The pandemic has had a ripple effect across the world, disrupting economies and livelihoods.The uncertainty of what’s to come is worrying, but today, there is nothing more important than all of us being healthy and safe. We should remain optimistic that Singapore will weather this storm with grit and tenacity, as we hope for our LeClare parents who have been impacted.

A Resilient Future

We have accepted that safe distancing amongst other measures will be commonplace in our society and we seek your understanding in this too. Social responsibility will remain a significant counter measure and we trust that our LeClare Family will do their part to keep our Sprouters and Team healthy. Whilst our priority is to keep our Sprouters safe, we aim to go beyond that – we want our Sprouters to feel like nothing has changed: LeClare will always be a safe space for them to be engaged, to have fun, to learn and grow, and a place where they are loved.

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