There has been a shift in trends over the last decade where women no longer have to choose between building a career and starting a family. With more options for child care available, as well as employers becoming more flexible with working hours, mothers can now have their cake and eat it too.

Not leaving fathers out, men have also become more active in their parenting roles rather than settling for being a figure head or sole breadwinner. With more paternal benefits, workplace childcare is as much a benefit for them as it is for moms.

Then comes the next challenge of finding the right childcare centre that suit your child’s needs and exemplifies your values. It is simply a bonus if it’s convenient for parents, but that’s exactly what we are offering you: The right environment for your child to grow and learn, with the convenience of being an elevator ride away from your office.

Some other benefits of having your child in a centre near your workplace:

  • Your morning and evening commute becomes bonding time for you and your child.
  • You are only a few minutes away from your child:
    • This alone can be a relief for parents, especially if their child has not been in such a setting before and for mom’s transitioning back to work life.
    • You have the option of grabbing a quick lunch with your child and his/her friends! The smile that such a surprise would put on your child’s face is simply priceless!
    • Being there for events at your child’s school – stealing a few minutes for a morning tea, an exhibition, a show & tell, parent teacher conferences, information nights, etc.
    • Attending to emergencies or accidents or moments of crisis, which also means not needing alternative arrangements.
    • Should meetings run late, you don’t have to worry about communiting through peak hour traffic in time to pick up your child. A late centre closure of 7pm means you have a few extra minutes to spare.


By Nicole Mathiaz
LeClare Curriculum Specialist