Art and music plays a decisive role in shaping a child’s mental abilities during the growing up years, particularly before they reach 7 years of age. Thus, it becomes essential that children receive proper exposure to creative art and music from a very early age, and this is best suited in environment that provides them a holistic approach towards developing interest in various creative pursuits. The truth why we always insist on having in-house art and music specialists instead of optional enrichment programs become apparent by going through the following reasons –

  • A full-time art or music teacher is bound to prove much more effective in become aware of the specific needs of any particular class when compared to optional classes that often do not have consistency and continuity as their strong points. It is important for the teachers to grow a rapport with the children they are supposed to teach in order to gain their trust, and be able to influence them in a positive way. This is possible only in the case of full-time teachers having regular interactions with the children.
  • Art and music have emerged as an exceedingly important tool in improving the cognitive and reasoning ability of little children, and thus it is always better to appoint in-house art and music specialists to handle something as important as this. In fact, various scientific studies have revealed that music and creative art can significantly improve the performance of children in other areas of education such as mathematics skills and language development. An in-house specialist will be more apt at integrating their coursework into the broader curriculum, and ensuring that the children are able to benefit the most from their lessons as compared to that of part time or enrichment lessons.
  • An in-house art and music specialist is also likely to face extremely rigorous scrutiny during the appointment process, which is likely to enhance the chances of their excellent teaching skills. Ensuring the quality of the in-house specialists is essential for maintaining the high teaching standards, which is often the most important criterion upon which parents make the decision of admitting their children. Optional enrichment programs are more like stopgap methods aimed at taking care of any particular deficiency in the learning skills of children. However, holistic learning is only achievable with the help of in-house specialists, and we are keen to ensure that our students experience no shortage in such an essential aspect of education.
  • In-house art and music specialists are also providing an option to integrate creative art and music lessons into main curriculum instead of schools focusing solely upon enhancing the language and math skills. In fact, creative writing and art projects can help in improving knowledge of history, literature, and various other subjects, while also enhancing the creative skills of the students. Thus, we strive to ensure that our students are able to benefit from all-round development through an intelligent mix of traditional subjects such as math and English with art and music.

Our insistence upon having in-house art and music specialists for children is sure to yield result through the holistic development of the mind and body of the students.