A Holistic, Integrated Programme at LeClare


Being Reggio-inspired – environment as third teacher

At LeClare, children are seen as rich and active learners. We strongly believe in providing a learning space where children can create and construct their own learning, allowing the environment to be the third and natural teacher. We aspire to create a space that balances aesthetics, functionality and opportunity. Materials are chosen because of their textures, colour and design, and set up with the objective of exploration.

Educators are encouraged to arrange their room spaces to inspire collaboration and flexibility, allowing for large and small group, as well as individual activities. The environment is lit to emulate a warm and welcoming atmosphere, through the use of mirrors, lights and shadow play where possible. Learning corners are ever-evolving to provide deeper exploration into various topics and to cater to children’s interests. It is also intentional and purposeful with their choice of authentic materials and resources available in the rooms.

Inquiry Approach as well as Bilingualism

At LeClare Preschool, we have adopted an Integrated-Inquiry approach to learning, where children are encouraged to ask questions and voice their opinions. The curriculum will have children investigating a unit of inquiry each term in both English and Mandarin.

Within pre-selected themes, a central question is developed to act as a provocation for a collection of pre-planned and spontaneous activities and experiences. The integrated approach allows educators to combine different subject components (language and literacy, numeracy, motor skills, social and emotional development and cognitive/ daily life skills) into one activity. This allows children to have a more holistic and deeper understanding of various subject matter that is transferrable.

While educators plan with experiences and outcomes in mind, the essence of the inquiry approach is that it is responsive, flexible and open-minded, and moves with the children’s ideas and questions as they arise. Children’s knowledge, experience, thinking and learning are made visible to foster a culture of reflective and critical learners.

Integration with the Arts

LeClare Preschool’s curriculum is also designed with strong emphasis on the arts, which is reflected in our specialist classes – LeClare Art and LeClare Music. The arts allow children an alternative view of the world, through dialogue, reflection, metaphor and imagination. The arts is an ideal vehicle for children to make connections between their own lives and the lives and experiences of others – whether they are from another place and time, or living now just across town.

Mandarin Immersion

At LeClare, we also value and recognise the importance of a strong foundation in Chinese. We hope to ignite the passion and appreciation for the Chinese language by bringing tradition, the arts and games into the classrooms. Children will learn to read and write in Chinese characters, transcribe in the phonetic system, Chinese art and calligraphy, music and rhymes, poetry and traditional games.

Other feature programme

Some other feature programs that we have included in our curriculum are Jolly Phonics, National Geographic Science, Culinary Arts and Outdoor Experiential Learning. According to the needs of the children, we arrange for programmes such as Sports, and Speech and Drama.