Discovery @ The Lab

LeClare Discovery Lab

The Lab invites children to become Scientists, Investigators, Engineers, and Innovators, bringing to life the wonder and magic in this world. It is intentional in its provocations and provision of tools to engage children both physically and mentally.

Investigating Elements

Through the investigation and manipulation of elements in their environment, children develop essential life skills; hone their thought processes and encourages learning dispositions of curiosity and the confidence to question and challenge.

Finding The Answers Independently

Knowing the right answer is not one of the primary objectives in early childhood. A greater intention is to help children realise that they can discover answers about the world through their own investigations.

Developing The Bond With The Environment

Topics that are closely related to the children are Life Science (animals and plants), Earth Science (weather) and Physical Science (push and pull). When children graduate from LeClare, they will understand and feel connected to the world they are in, thereby developing a sense of appreciation and the need to take care of the environment.