Art @ The Atelier

LeClare Art Atelier

The Atelier is designed to be a multi-sensorial space that invites interactions by engaging the mind, hands, imagination and senses. Within it, children will learn new skills through which we hope an appreciation for art.

Exploration and Expression

The space allows children to explore and combine many types of materials, tools and techniques. The materials offered are vehicles for expressing and communicating and are part of the fabric of children’s experiences and learning processes rather than as separate products.

The Open Space

There is an open space designed for easel drawing and pottery. This is also where we have messy play when we encourage children to freely express themselves through paint, brushes and random materials, allowing them to release intense feelings such as stress and anger or simply to have a pleasurable experience.

The Recycling Centre

At LeClare, the recycled objects are found, displayed and offered in a sort of emporium in our atelier. These recycled objects allow children to see creative potentials in the everyday discarded materials. The focus is on giving value to discarded materials, imperfect products, and seemingly worthless objects in order to reinvent their use and provide new opportunities for creativity and communication.