Adventure Park @ The Roof Top

The LeClare Roof Top park is a space of 15,000 sqft consisting of quite a few areas: the outdoor Jungle Gym, the indoor Cycling Arena, the Trampoline as well as the Messy Play area, and the soccer field as well as the Pool Play area.

Physical Development

Children naturally enjoy participation in a variety of physical activities. Our series of playgrounds from Jungle Gym, Netherland, cater to different levels of motor development to ensure that children continue to advance and challenge themselves, in the midst of having fun.

Social Skills

As children roam freely at the playground, they are given multiple opportunities to interact with one another. 


Connecting to the outside World

The park is intended to provide alternative learning spaces for educators to better connect classroom knowledge to the outside world. Children develop a sense of environmental responsibility as they gain new knowledge and skills, and through that a respect for the world they live in.


The Children Have Fun! 

There is no better way to live out your childhood than to learn through play, and to have it outdoors at the same time!