Your Child Is Unique

We discover and recognise each child’s unique personality of innate creativity, individual talents and potential and design their learning and environment with the natural flow of such development. By designing a comprehensive, personalised learning profile for the children through observation, documentation and interpretation, the children can continuously grow and meet developmental milestones and beyond. From the first day of enrolment at LeClare, each child’s individual development is carefully documented. Information about your child’s progress is shared whenever needed and possible.

Our In-House Music & Art Specialists

LeClare has full-time music and art specialists who consult, design and deliver an exclusive Arts curriculum. Our specialists work closely with classroom educators to ensure that the Arts and core curriculum is well integrated and balanced, and that each child is catered for.

At LeClare, we believe that the Arts is instrumental to self-realization and is an expression of the inner self. Art can therefore be used as therapy, providing a medium for children to express their feelings and thoughts. It also provides a safe platform for children to experience risk-taking within an environment where there is no right or wrong.

Low Teacher- Children Ratio

To ensure an inclusive programme and individual attention, we are committed to a low child to educator ratio at every level. Educators are trained and encouraged to provide varied learning experiences in large and small groups, therefore creating more opportunities for observation and better understanding of each child within the different dynamics.


Your Child Will Inspire The Future

LeClare’s programme instills your child with the values and confidence to inspire the future. Through our curriculum, children become independent thinkers and inquisitive learners equipped with the essentials skills that will carry them through their future years. Your children will be confident, creative and effective communicators who will make a difference in an increasing global society.